Holtzapffel Ornamental Turning Lathe 2446


Condition of the lathe and other items

The previous owner of the lathe had stored all of the equipment in a garden shed and some slight deterioration of some of the equipment had taken place. Nevertheless all of the bearings or moving surfaces of the lathe and equipment had been protected by grease and have retained their original precision. Superficial corrosion on steel surfaces has been carefully removed and almost all brass parts retaining their original lacquer. Some cast iron parts associated with plain turning – raising blocks for headstock, plain tool rests, tailstock etc., have not received attention, but clearly wire brushing and a coat of paint would restore them.

The lower part of the original full-sized tool cabinet, is in a poor, but a perfectly recoverable state of repair.

List of Parts:


Most items listed below are illustrated in photographs accessed through ‘flickr’.


Details are given of the condition of some key pieces of equipment, tools or publication. Ancillary clamps, screws, washers etc are not individually listed. Further details of any item can be requested, although viewing the lathe and all items for sale at a location just outside Cardiff, will clearly answer any queries more fully.


Contact: michaelhose.art@gmail.com


Lathe frame, bed, drive treadle and overhead drive (photo 1+)



Mahogany frame has few dents and scratch on the surface although a shallow groove has been cut on the top of the right-hand frame - purpose unknown. Shepherd’s crooks are in near original condition and all parts of the tensioning arrangement are extant. Mahogany pulleys adjacent to drum are damaged, but serviceable. Original screws attaching the brass brackets holding the crooks to the frame had ceased to hold and mahogany dowels have been inserted into the frame by the present owner  (these cannot be seen when crook brackets are attached, as shown in photograph).


Headstock (photo 2a, 2b & 2c)       


         NB. All items listed are thought to be complete with parts, fittings, screws etc.



All parts are in good condition – no perceptible damage, wear or missing parts.

Tailstock/s (photo 3)


                1. Screw-barrel – very good condition [present Image 5]

                2. Plain screw slight rusted condition in parts but screw mechanism is fine and undamaged (no photo).                           

Ornamental Turning Sliderest (photo 3)



                Sliderest is in generally good condition, with precise action. Curvilinear apparatus is complete with several ‘profiles’.

                ‘Capstan’ head of the guide screw on the tool carriage was fractured by a third party, but is extant - the intention has been to silver-solder it back in place.


Ornamental cutting frames/ drilling instruments (photos 4a & 4b)



All cutting frames are in excellent condition. Some of the cutters have rusted sections, but all are perfectly usable.  The cutter cabinets are satisfactory in terms of storing and indexing the cutters, but would benefit from attention. The reducing pantograph is in very good condition, but is clearly not a serious piece of kit for this type of work.

Drilling spindle, drill cutters and cabinet (photo 5a)



                A large range of drill profiles are included. The cabinet is in a good state of repair, although a section of edge beading is missing from the lid.

Cabinet of cutters for ornamental turning (photo 5b)

Cabinet of small cutters for ornamental turning (photo 5c)

Goniostat, & Cabinet (photo 6)



Goniostat has clearly seen use, but is in very good condition and remains precise in movement. Mahogany Cabinet has three drawers, each with a different grade of              carborundum lap. Grinding/ lapping powders in original metal canisters, located in the top section of cabinet.

Rose Cutting Frame (photo 7)

Ellipse Chuck and Cam Ring (photo 8b)

Eccentric chuck (photo 9)

Rectilinear chuck (photo 10)

Large dome chuck (photo 11)



                All items shown in photos 7 – 11 are in very good condition, with precise movements or actions.

Small dome chuck (photo 13)



                Some rust on steel/ iron part, but fully retains precise movements or action – probably never used.


Universal chuck (photo 12)



                In fair condition – remains precise and rotates true. Capstan head for locking/ unlocking jaws is missing on one side, but the chuck is still perfectly usable.


Self-centering chuck (photo 13)



                The are in fact two self-centering chuck (only photo of one), toth in good condition with inner and outer jaws, with keys.


Selection of chucks and face plates (photo 14)



                A very wide range and number of face plate - many not shown.

Mandrel attachments (photo 15)

Selection of pulleys and what is thought to be a simple geometric chuck (photo 16)

Spiral turning apparatus (photo 17)

Selection of plain gear wheels (photo 18)

Selection of bevel and curved gear wheels (photo 19)

Selection of small-scale plain gear wheels (photo 20)

Selection of plain gear wheels – thought to be for extremely low speed device (photo 21)


Comments: full details of and size and teeth are available.

Handles/ keys/ spanners/ very fine drills [in metal storage container] (photo 22)


Comments: examples show only a small selection

Selection of plain turning chisels (photo 23)

Selection of plain turning chisels (photo 24)

Selection of screw cutting chisels (photo 25)

Plain turning chisels shown located in door of tool cabinet (photo 26)


Comments: (photos 23-26) large but seemingly random range of types of wood turning chisels, but there appears to be a full set for the cutting internal and external threads in conjunction with screw guides & conducting apparatus (photo 2c)

Handles for screw cutting taps - see centre of photo 22- (photo 27)

Holtzapffel callipers/ depth gauges/ vertical guide (photo 28)

Selection of raising blocks for headstock, cross slides, clamps etc., (photo 29)

 Holzapffel bookcase/chest of drawers tool cabinet (photos 30a, 30b 30c, 30d)



The bookcase (upper) part of the cabinet is in a reasonable state of repair, except for the full-height mirror originally located behind the shelves (missing) and some moulding at the top.    

Chest of drawers (lower) in relatively poor state of repair, especially one of the door panels and some of the draws are unusable in their current state. Nevertheless, examples of all sections/components are extant, should a future owner decide to undertake or commission full restoration.



A set of five volumes of Turning and Mechanical Manipulation (photo 31)

Author: Charles Holtzapffel

Author: John Jacob Holtzapffel


When purchased, the hardback covers of all five volumes were distressed, although the contents were in very good condition. The present owner had all volume carefully rebound after purchase, but the style is unsympathetic (plain black was anticipated) and Charles Holtzapffel’s name is on each spine of each one, when John Jacob’s name should have been on the last   three. Nevertheless, the books can be more sympathetically rebound and more accurately titled.


Michael Hose

April 2014